Get Canada PR because it’s life changing

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Get Canada PR because it’s life changing

A Canada PR  should be taken because everything gets changed for you. When you are a PR holder of  Canada, you have the pension plan of this country available for you. You can get immigration to Canada if you opt either for Express Entry or a Canada provincial nominee program.

Canada Pension Plan

This plan is part of the retirement program sponsored by the government. Canada Pension Plan is available to individuals when they have retired. So, this plan allows you benefits when you have retired. The eligible candidates for this plan make contributions when they are working. Anyone who is not living in the province of Quebec is required by law to provide contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.  If someone has an income requirement of more than 3,500 CAD per year, contribution to the Canada Pension Plan is mandatory. The candidate however only gets benefits when he has already turned 65. So, the Canadian government takes care of older people. A person has to apply for this CPP plan before he can start availing benefits as per it. The candidates can start receiving such benefits while they are only 60 also. There are a lot of arrangements under the Canada pension plan apart from the retirement benefits. This Canada Pension Plan pays you a Disability benefit in case you are sick and can’t continue with your job anymore. These disability benefits are only given to a candidate once he is assessed for his eligibility to receive the same.

A candidate after applying for these benefits has 4 months before the decision for these benefits is taken. The candidate should know that he has to apply for these benefits. The candidate also gets benefits for 1 year prior to his application.

Immigration to Canada

Any immigration program of Canada requires that the candidate should have certain basic characteristics which make him more suitable for this immigration program. Canada has launched so many immigration programs for the candidates out of which one is Express Entry. The Express Entry was launched on 1st January 2015. The candidate should have the right attributes which make him so useful for the Canadian labor market. Immigration is also possible as per a PNP Canada immigration program apart from Express Entry.

The PNP Canada immigration programs allow someone to be a part of Canada forever. The various provinces which have introduced such programs are Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia has a Canada provincial nominee program called the “Skilled Worker” as per which individuals are given a letter of interest from this province once they have the job offer given to them by an employer of this province.

Alberta also has a PNP program called the Alberta occupational stream as per which the candidate must have experience in this province. This experience should be of a year. Experience from outside Canada is also recognized for this PNP stream provided this experience is of 2 years.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program(skilled worker with employer support) requires candidates who have either education or experience from this province. Employment is needed for a candidate in this province. He should have an employer willing to provide him with support.

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