Handy Discusses Reasons to Get a Roku

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Handy Discusses Reasons to Get a Roku



Handy has noticed that there are so many people cutting the cord lately, we decided that we should do a little bit of research on various platforms. Some people use their gaming systems, or their computers to watch movies and television, but sometimes getting a device that costs more than $300 is not really worth it when all you want to do is relax and watch a few flicks. We will share with you all the reasons that we feel your best option is to go with a device that will not break the bank.

Reasons for Roku
When it comes to television watching, many people have accounts with their local cable company. Even though they are now offering packages that will include your phone and internet and reduce the price, the price still can’t beat cutting the cord. If you have been recently considering cutting the cord, then you need to look at the following list.

  1. Size – Getting an X-Box, PlayStation, Cable box, or computer can take up a significant amount of size where ever you plan on putting it. With Roku, the device is not much bigger than a standard deck of cards. Therefore, you can hide it behind something, or under a plant, so no one will ever see it. The great part about the modern Roku devices is that they use radio frequency, so the clicker does not have to actually have a line of sight of the box. Most cable boxes need to be out in the open and are such an eyesore.
  2. Sound – With absolutely no moving parts, this little gem will not have you cranking to hear your show over the sound of the fans. Additionally, you can turn everything else off in your room and quietly read without hearing the hum of the device. Definitely worth its weight in silence.
  3. Ease of Use – When you get a new cable box, you need to take the time to figure out what all the little buttons do on it. With the Roku, there are only a handful of buttons and they are all clearly marked as to what they do. Also, they are quite intuitive as to their functionality.
  4. Support – Have you ever tried to get through to customer support with your cable or internet provider? You may as call off the day sick because that is how much time it is going to take to talk to a live person. Then you have to take another day off to wait for the technician. With Roku, there are thousands of users that have been with the company since the beginning and a full customer support team waiting to answer any questions that you may have.

    After looking at the Roku devices, Handy is pretty sure that this will be on their holiday wish list. So, if you are looking to get us something this holiday season, feel free to drop one of these off at our office. We have a bunch of people in here that would be happy to have access to all the perks that Roku has to offer.

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