Kundali Bhagya Preeta, Karan, Rishabh fail to trap Monisha

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Kundali Bhagya Preeta, Karan, Rishabh fail to trap Monisha

Inside the contemporary episode of Kundali Bhagya, Monisha reaches the room where Karan, Preeta, and Rishabh are recording her confession.
Absolutely everyone receives taken aback seeing Monisha and he or she lashes out at them for using a useless man to make her talk the reality.
Monisha tells anyone that Karan is aware of that the wedding isn’t going on because of the molestation costs. She takes his hand and
Asks him to come back to the wedding.
Karan refuses to achieve this. Monisha threatens to expose him and additionally tells that his popularity is under the fireplace. Just then an angry Shrishti comes strolling and injects something into Monisha’s frame and the latter loses recognition.
Preeta, Rishabh and Karan are taken aback. Preeta shouts at Shrishti for her sudden act.
Dadi overhears and notices all this. She tells Mahesh that something is incorrect with Monisha and they both get happy. Prithvi tries to overhear their verbal exchange. He even attempts to get the reality out of their servant but no person tells him something.
Prithvi makes a decision to let it go and deal with Billa. Everybody panics seeing Monisha unconscious. In the meantime, Preeta, Rishabh and Srishty are visible making arrangements to seize Monisha’s confession on a digital camera that Karan hadn’t molested her. During the instruction, Rishabh tries to confess his emotions for Preeta however is unable to achieve this.
Sameer gets prepared to mimic Rithwik in front of Monisha to lure her. Kritika switches off the light and anyone starts executing their plan. Sameer is frightened and Srishty tries to reinforce his morale. She hugs him and says that the whole thing may be fine. Sara sees Srishty hugging Sameer and fumes with anger. Sameer walks toward Monisha and mimics Rithwik’s voice. He tells her to satisfy him within the bridal room. Monisha gets emotional listening to his voice and runs in the back of him. Karan and his own family members get glad and Srishty informs on Bluetooth device that Monisha has gone up.

Monisha’s mother tries to move at the back of her but is stopped with the aid of Srishty and Karan’s dad. Monisha gets teary-eyed on to speak me to Rithwik (who’s simply Sameer in concealing), but he tells her she cannot marry Karan as he loves her. He asks her why is she getting married to Karan and if the latter truly molested her. Sameer tries to instigate Monisha to get out the truth from her. Monisha gets indignant and even as seeking to hit him journeys and falls on Sameer. She learns that it isn’t always Rithwik. She switches at the torch of her cellular phone and sees Sameer’s face. You can get this here for freeĀ Kundali Bhagya.

She soon realizes that it’s far a entice and thru CCTV cables, Monisha manages to attain the room wherein Karan, Preeta and Rishabh are. Srishty informs daadi that their plan has all over again failed. She says she can win this time in any case and leaves from there.

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