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So Hong Kong Togel

, Regency was arrested for being a gambling bookie of Togel, at his home, Tuesday (03/12/2019).

From the information gathered in the field, the incident originated from information if one of the residents became a Hong Kong lottery gambling agent or bookie.

After obtaining this information, the Gelumbang Police Criminal Investigator member immediately conducted an investigation of the suspect, and from the results of the investigation, it was true that there were residents who were agents or bookmakers of Hong Kong lottery gambling.

After that, the Police Chief of Gelumbang AKP Dwi Arian Satya and Criminal Investigation Unit Chief Ipda Nasron Junaidi, and members of Criminal Investigation visited the perpetrators’ house to make an arrest and when arrested the perpetrators were taping or writing numbers that had been bought by other buyers for Hong Kong lottery gambling.

Muaraenim Police Chief AKBP Afner Juwono through Muaraenim Police Public Relations Iptu Ade, his party has secured the suspect along with evidence, namely 20 pieces of pink paper, two books made in controversy, one cash note book used as small coupon paper with a lottery number number.

In addition, cash amounting to Rp. 100,000, one ream of Hong Kong lottery gambling recipe paper which is still empty, one large recap with a lottery number written on March 11, 2019 and 20 small Hong Kong-type gambling recaps with a lottery number dated March 11 2019, for further investigation. For his actions the suspect will be subject to article 303 of the Criminal Code. (ari)

Based on information that succeeded gathered on the field on Wednesday (02/2/2019), the suspect was secured by the police while at his house in the village of Karang Endah.

The arrest of the suspect was based on information from the local community who said that one of the residents had become a lottery bookie.

Received this information, then the police conducted an investigation, and obtained information that the person was Daimin.

The police then went to the suspect’s house to secure it, when police officers arrived at the suspect’s house, the officers caught the suspect was recapitulating or writing numbers that had been bought by other players for gambling in the Hong Kong lottery type.

Finding this, the suspect was immediately picked up by the officer and secured to the Gelumbang police station for further processing.

Muaraenim Police Chief , AKBP Afner Juwono, through the Head of Ops, Kompol, Irwan Andesta, arrested the arrest.

“We have secured the perpetrators for further processing,” he said.

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Daimin Sukendar bin Nanhusin (48) warga dusun I desa Karang Endah kecamatan Gelumbang kabupaten Muaraenim ini diringkus oleh jajaran Polsek Gelumbang.

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