Who Can Play the X-Men Now?

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Who Can Play the X-Men Now?

The film delivers its gripping account in clear, suspenseful fashion and includes news footage from the time and contemporary interviews with many of the principal figures involved (Van Dyke, for obvious reasons, is a notable exception, as is Emanuel, although we do see the former tearfully testifying at his trial).

Freelance journalist Jamie Kalven, who covered the story extensively and is one of the film’s producers, figures prominently, as do several activists and community leaders. We also hear from some police representatives, including Pat Camden, a former spokesman for Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, who steadfastly defended Van Dyke’s actions.

Considering that the film’s running time is padded out with what appears to be endless aerial shots of Chicago’s streets, it seems curious that we learn very little background information about either Van Dyke or McDonald. The filmmaker’s intent was obviously to concentrate on the specific incident and its aftermath, but personal details would probably have enhanced the overall emotional impact. Nonetheless, 16 Shots is a worthy addition to what has sadly become a proliferating documentary subgenre.

One such minute is a vital scene wherein Katherine makes an expression of remorse and wears gold-toe Tibi heels with a Suitsupply tuxedo — likewise the main time she wears a tux in the film. It was the most testing outfit for Travers, who says, “It was a sign that she was putting on her best for her group of spectators.”

In different scenes, Katherine picks tennis shoes — by Stella McCartney — to feel grounded, defy conventional norms and show she doesn’t pay attention to herself as well. And keeping in mind that top of the line sneaks may be everywhere throughout the runways in 2019, by Balenciaga, Chanel and Versace, among others, at the time they felt new and energizing, Travers says.

Truth be told, a design blog posted an image of Thompson in a suit with the footwear and expounded on how “clearly these are off-camera shoes. Somebody this up-to-date could never wear tennis shoes with this outfit,” Travers says. “What’s more, I read it and thinking, ‘Just you pause.'”Now take a look at how these features of

He depended on different extras like adornments to flag an adjustment in her mentality, as well. In the first place, Katherine wears vintage Byzantine and Egyptians pieces that could have a place in exhibition halls: “I adore this supercilious way that she would toss them on with her suit.” But she defies up her exacting guidelines about dressing and begins blending in outfit adornments to demonstrate she can have a fabulous time in style.

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