Why Candy Crush Saga Is a Social Media Marketing Genius

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Why Candy Crush Saga Is a Social Media Marketing Genius

The yummy candy play is just too tempting to resist when our brains need a little break from our daily advertising regimen. However upon closer look, we understood that fantastic marketing – and great social networking advertising, at that – is really everywhere a prosperous business is. If anything a closer evaluation as to just why people of all ages, nationalities and tech levels are just so entirely absorbed with this easy game which – let’s be honest – seems like another version of this classic Bejeweled reveals this very simple truth: Chocolate Crush saga is an actual social media marketing guru. And here is why:

Why We’re Still Playing

There are a couple reasons first to think about why it is that we are still playing this game so arduously almost a year after it started in November 2012 when so many other games reach their peak well before that time. Thinkgaming data estimates that fun88 there are a cool 8.8 million active users enjoying Candy Crush everyday earning more than a quote $858,000 in revenue – daily! That is a a lot of money for a program that you can download for free. And what is more?.


  1. In-App Purchases: Candy Crush Saga is considered a”freemium” program because although free to obtain a player can certainly spend modest amounts of money quickly to purchase boosters or lives to progress through the game. Players are estimated to spend an average of 2.84 per day on in-app purchases!
  2. Straightforward Gameplay: Candy Crush, loosely place, is a spawn off the classic Bejeweled. The goal of the game is easy enough that everyone can begin and get started playingwith. There aren’t tons of principles or features to learn, meaning gameplay is also fast and constant.
  3. Forced Breaks: One of those genius rules which the developers did incorporate into Candy Crush is that once you’re out of existence, you have to wait for your lives to reload – meaning you need to wait to perform . Contrary to other enormously popular games with all aforementioned attributes like Temple Run, for example, players can quickly burn out and get bored after playing hours. Earning players wait means they return excited and anxious for more.

The Social Media Marketing Element


Now here is the kicker that really seems to attract the success of Candy Crush house: the strategic use of social networking in its own gameplay. It is this one insanely significant tool that King incorporated all over the area which appears to really have pushed up the numbers for downloads, busy users and even earnings – and kept them rising for the previous year. Let us take a look.


  1. Facebook Integration: We all love advantage, and King understood that – which is why they permit you to get started playing by signing in through Facebook. And as soon as you do, you are able to see all your friends who are also playing and where they’re on the levels map. What is more is you are able to check out their scores, so the fun of beating amounts becomes more exciting when you start beating your friends.
  2. Lifesaving Friends: When you have burnt out all your lives playing that one level you just can’t conquer, you can either spend the money buying those lifestyles and boosters (and some people certainly do by the those numbers), watch it out for half an hour, or you can get your friends offer you an excess life. This requires active participation from the friends.
  3. Active Social Media Community: Some of those amounts in Sweet Crush are hard – and King understands that. The addictive drama can find a little frustrating once you’ve been around precisely the same amount for weeks, but fortunately there’s a community of more than 51.3 million people just on candy crush’s Facebook page that are giving each other tips and helping fellow players through the difficult times. Disguising clever social networking marketing as a forum? Absolutely genius.


Tell us, do you perform Candy Crush Saga through your free time? Are you impressed by how smart King was going to use social media to skyrocket their achievement?

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